Picture of Soundtrack - Molly Sterling

Soundtrack – Molly Sterling

Image : Steven Donnelly [Used with permission]       Songwriter and vocalist Molly Sterling on the soundtrack to her life       What was the first album/single that you bought? My dad gave me 20 quid and I bought Ashley Tisdale’s first album from Tesco. Absolute rip off.   The last song you listened […]

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Picture of Another Love Story

Festival Guide to Another Love Story

Image Another Love Story [Used with permission] Festival Info   Taking place from Friday 17th – Saturday 19th August at the beautifully boutique setting of Killyon Manor Co. Meath, this festival is in a class of its own. The event has camping facilities, with a choice of regular or boutique camping for attendees and a campervan area is […]

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Picture of Festival Guide To The Beatyard

Festival Guide to The Beatyard

Image : The Beatyard [Used with permisson]       Festival Info   The Beatyard takes place from 3rd – 5th August at the beautifully scenic location of Dun Laoghaire Harbour, Co. Dublin.   With 3 days of music with tastes to suit everyone, it incorporates several areas like the Bodytonic Stage, Hidden Agenda Stage, Beck’s […]

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