Single Review – The Crayon Set – Don’t Step Back Too Far


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Single Review – The Crayon Set



The Crayon Set – Don’t Step Back Too Far



“Don’t Step Back Too Far” is the latest offering from indie/alt-pop six-piece “The Crayon Set”, produced by Stephen Shannon at Experimental Audio, the result is a keyboard and synth-infused tune with ethereal vocals which deals with the melancholy that some people can experience during the start of the year, The band say of the track, “This can be a tough time of the year for a lot of people. The song touches on how it feels to be low, to have lost a sense of yourself and your place in the world”.

Fans of acts like Bell X1 and Arcade Fire would definitely feel at home with this track and with The Crayon Set in general.

Despite the sorrowful subject matter, the track has an overall optimistic vibe which is very captivating.



“Don’t Step Back Too Far” is out now



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