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Oisín from noise-pop act Thumper on the soundtrack to his life





The last song you listened to?



By The Time I Get to Phoenix – Glen Campbell.




What is your earliest musical memory?



Listening to Obladee Oblada from the white album on repeat.




Do you have a favourite song that was featured in a film or tv show?



The song Little Person that plays at the end of Synecdoche New York is a special one.



Is there a song that instantly reminds you of a particular person?



Ride Like The Wind by Christopher Cross is a staple of our van journeys. It’s synonymous with pulling into whatever city we’re playing that night.



Is there a song whose lyrics resonate with you and why so?



I always found Walking The Cow by Daniel Johnston heartbreaking.



The band/musician that you grew up listening to?



Neil Young.



What song do you wish that you had written?



The Moon by The Microphones.



What song transports you back in time?



The Moon by The Microphones.



Which song makes you sad when you hear it?




The Friends theme tune.



Which song makes you happy when you hear it?



Thomas The Tank Engine theme tune.




What was the first gig you went to?



Fionn Regan in Whelans, Dublin.




What was the first song that you ever performed?



Where is my mind by Pixies at a school talent show.




What was the first album/single that you bought?



Yeah by Usher.




Is there a song that you always listen to whilst travelling in the car or on the bus/train?



Time to Dance – The Shoes.




Is there a particular song/band/singer that made you want to be a musician?



Watching videos of Sonic Youth and Nirvana playing live made me want to be in a band. Daniel Johnston made me realise I didn’t have to be a technical prodigy to make it a reality.





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Thumper’s new single “Ad Nauseam” is out on February 28th, available for pre-save here

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