Tuesday Tunes – 08-12-2020



Images :

Footsqueaker – Brian Kinsella Photography

Nadia Sheik – Laura Avinent – ULALALAU Images

Bróna Keogh – Bróna Keogh – (Self Portrait)

Brian Mc Grane – Liam Geddes – Bad Bear Visuals




08-12-2020 – Tuesday Tunes





Tuesday Tunes – A brand new section on Room Full Of Music – Spotify playlist featuring new music by a mix of independent, up and coming and established artists. Band Facebook pages are linked to the artist name if you want to check out any of the acts!




Saint Sister ft. Lisa Hannigan – The Place That I Work




Lauren Bird – Millennials





Bróna Keogh – Far Away





Callistan ft. Evelyn Finnerty – Come Home This Christmas




Wallis Bird – Time Is Not Waiting




Nadia Sheikh – Fire Away




Gorgeous Wrecks – You Carve Your Name




Footsqueaker – Specimen



Wyvern Lingo – Rapture


John Winters – So Down




TOYGIRL – Poison



Loah & Bantum – NGLA



Irish Women In Harmony – Together At Christmas




Laoise – Movies




Imelda May – Never Look Back




Dani Larkin & King Cedar – Sampson & Goliath




Brian Mc Grane – Time machine




Nnic & Yurn – Looking For Love





Soda Blonde – Love me world



Phoebe Bridgers – Saviour Complex




Foolish Mortal – Ghost Wipe


Low Island – In your arms