Photo of Soundtrack - Saramai From Perlee 1

Soundtrack – Saramai from Perlee

  Images : 1 – Martina Kohnova , Edit by Dave Mackey, 2 – Mattia Stellacci [Used with permission]       Saramai from alt-pop act Perlee on the soundtrack to her life          What was the first album/single that you ever bought?     First album I ever bought was a […]

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Picture of Soundtrack - Rob From The Crayon Set

Soundtrack – Rob From The Crayon Set

  Image : Killian Broderick [Used with permission]       Rob from indie/alt-pop act The Crayon Set on the soundtrack to his life        The last song you listened to?     The Monkees Theme – it was just on at work on RTE Gold!  Such a pity that’s being closed down! […]

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