Picture of Soundtrack - Adam Fleming

Soundtrack – Adam Fleming

  Image : Daire Hall [Used with permission]       Guitarist/Songwriter Adam Fleming on the soundtrack to his life       The last song you listened to?   Right now I am listening to ‘Nightmares’ by Modern Nature. They’ve just released their first album, it’s great autumn listening.       What is […]

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Picture of Single Review - Klara Mc Donnell - Sinking Unknowing

Single Review – Klara Mc Donnell – Sinking unknowing

Image : Patrick Murphy [Used with permission]       Single Review   Klara McDonnell – Sinking unknowing     Released on 1st February, “Sinking unknowing” is the new single by Dublin singer-songwriter Klara Mc Donnell.   Klara’s latest offering of folk-pop is melancholic, reminiscent of 60s girl groups and is complimented by her sultry […]

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