Soundtrack – Farah Elle

Image by Tara Thomas [Used with permission]



Singer, songwriter and pianist Farah Elle on the soundtrack to her life



What is the first album/single that you ever bought?

Natural Blues by Moby.


What is your earliest musical memory?

Listening to my mom’s mixtapes in the car and loving every minute of them.


Is there a particular song/band/singer that made you want to be a musician?

Serj Tankian from System of a Down.


What song instantly reminds you of a particular person?

Any Smashing Pumpkins tune ever, would always remind me of my sister. She was the biggest superfan ever of Billy Corgan and she had this weird crush on him, which I find brilliant.


Is there a song whose lyrics resonate with you and why so?

So many! Natural Blues by Moby is an example of one that struck me very early on. There aren’t a huge amount of lyrics, but the small amount are very powerful and a lot of people can relate to them. Most importantly, they’re sang with v.true feeling. Moby uses a sample of an old African American voice lamenting, before black slavoury was abolished – giving it this heavy blast of emotion that can’t be ignored.


The band/musician that you grew up listening to?

A few. System of a Down, Tool, Amy Winehouse, The Specials. Toots & the Maytals, John Lee Hooker, Lupe Fiasco.


What song do you wish that you had written and why?

Pyramids by Frank Ocean, just for the craic. It’s over 9 minutes long and it shouldn’t be a second shorter!


What song transports you back in time and why?

Frontier Psychiatrist by Avalanches. It’s such a specific production sound from the late 90s/early 00’s that I absolutely love the sound of and kinda reminds me of my brothers floppy disks and Nintendo 64.


Which song makes you happy when you hear it?

My Baby Just Cares for Me by Nina Simone.


Which song makes you sad when you hear it?

Kick Push II by Lupe Fiasco.


What was the first gig you went to?

It was actually Paloma Faith when I was 16. I never really listened to her and it was a bit of a random present but I really enjoyed it.


What was the first song that you ever performed?

Live with a band?  A song of mine called ‘Silk’. It helped me get started with my musical career. Before that, I can’t remember. I’ve been gigging since I was a teenager and I’m not sure what even classifies as a performance anymore!



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