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Indie/folk/pop act ELKIN on the soundtrack to their lives 



What was the first album/single that you ever bought?


Ellen – I didn’t buy it, but, the first album that I got was Busted. My dad ordered it online and he told me that Busted were sending albums out to their biggest fans. I thought I was their ‘biggest fan’…I definitely was.


Carla – I’m sure I was given other albums before this but I remember so clearly my aunty buying me a Walkman and Metamorphosis by Hilary Duff, because I was a huge Lizzie Maguire fan.



What is your earliest musical memory?


Ellen – My earliest musical memory is walking past the piano and every time I’d walk past it I’d hit a note; like instead of a sassy hair flick I’d press a note on the piano. That’s why I started to get lessons.


Carla – Mine is probably driving around with my dad of a Sunday. When we were kids my dad would take my sister and I out for a drive, so he could look at houses. He used to play a lot of Christy Moore, The Dubliners and Paul Weller.



Is there a particular song/band/singer that made you want to be a musician?


Ellen – I think I more looked up to these musicians but never thought I’d actually be doing what they’re doing, as cheesy as it sounds. I saw them as like deities almost. But it’s pretty cool to be trying to do what they did.


Carla – Yeah, I don’t think I had any particularly inspirations. This may also sound cheesy, but it was always something that felt quite natural; singing and performing.



What song instantly reminds you of a particular person?


Ellen – Handbags and Gladrags by Rod Stewart always reminds me of my dad.


Carla – That song reminds me of my parents wedding video.


Ellen – That’s quite a sad song.


Carla – Yeah, I think my dad just liked it. I suppose I have a lot of songs that remind me of my ex but I wont get into it haha.



Is there a song whose lyrics resonate with you and why so?


Ellen – The One by Jorja Smith sums up everything I feel towards relationships that I could never put into words like she does.


Carla – Mine would probably be A Case of You by Joni Mitchell. My parents always refer to it as my song. It’s just a tune.



The band/musician that you grew up listening to?


Ellen – MCFLY. No I’ll say Joni Mitchell. My sister had a CD in her room of the Best Of Joni Mitchell. I used to always steal her CDs. and I found that one day and thought ‘Oh My God what are these chords’


Carla – A lot of what my parents listened to which varied from Depeche Mode to Aslan.  I loved Kylie Minogue. I had a DVD of all her music videos which I used to play on my portable DVD player. Then as we got older we listened to a lot of stuff on 8 tracks, then Spotify came along.



What song do you wish that you had written and why?


Ellen – So many. All of Joni Mitchell’s. Maybe ‘Yesterday’ because it gets covered so much, you’d make bank.


Carla – I’d say Driving Home for Christmas for the same reason. But also I Can’t Make You Love Me. It’s so vulnerable and I struggle to be so open when writing.



What song transports you back in time and why?


Carla – A lot of The Dubliners would make me feel like a kid again. Or Beeswing by Christy Moore. Lean On by Clean Bandit beings me back to our 6th Year holiday in Albufeira. Bastille’s first album reminds me of the day I discovered Spotify.


Ellen – Ben Howards first album reminds me of Third year/ TY when you’re first developing your own music taste. Come On Eileen reminds me of 6th Year house parties.



Which song makes you happy when you hear it?


Both – Mad World. Hurt by Johnny Cash.


Ellen – Boys by Lizzo. Juice by Lizzo. Anything by Lizzo. She’s great, she is a joy and sass personified.


Carla – Any RuPaul song makes me feel very sassy and empowered and I like that.



Which song makes you sad when you hear it?


Carla – High and Dry by Radiohead really gets me. There’s a song by Willie Mason called Oxygen. It’s about wanting to be everything for everyone, being better than Oxygen and you just can’t. Famous Blue Raincoat by Leonard Cohen too.


Ellen – For some reason Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas. When that’s sung mournfully, it hits me.



What was the first gig you went to?


Ellen – I went to see The Dixie Chicks in Madison Square Garden with my family. There were a lot of sleeveless leather jackets and ponytails.


Carla – I went to see Kylie Minogue Show Girl Tour with my mam and godmother. They got up dancing and I was too embarrassed so I stayed sitting.


Ellen – My first proper gig was McFly. My sister and her friend brought me. They were also dancing, and I was so embarrassed I cried.



What was the first song that you ever performed?


Carla – I came out of the womb singing and it was There’s No Business like Show Business.


Ellen – I was on holidays with my family and I sang Molly Malone for some Canadians. We have a video of it and I cant pronounce any of the Rs.


Both – Our first performance together was at a Battle of the Bands. We were about 15 and Carla forgot her capo and had to run off stage to get it.






Elkin will play Whelans on Friday 30th May



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