Soundtrack – We Cut Corners


Image : Niamh Redmond [Used with permission]




Indie rock act We Cut Corners on the soundtrack to their lives 





The last song you listened to?



Not – big thief.




What is your earliest musical memory?



Hearing my dad play the Beatles ‘magical mystery’ tour on his new record player.




Do you have a favourite song that was featured in a film or tv show?



‘To leave something behind’ – Sean Rowe.




Is there a song that instantly reminds you of a particular person?



Lots – ‘raglan road’ makes me think of my dad, High and dry (radiohead) makes me think of my mum.




Is there a song whose lyrics resonate with you and why so?



Any song which touches on the fragility of human existence 🥳  – I get nervous by Lower Dens is a good example.




The band/musician that you grew up listening to?



The Beatles, The Beastie Boys, Paul Simon and NWA.




What song do you wish that you had written and why?




I get nervous, the Lower Dens – beautiful, honest, deceptively simple.




What song transports you back in time and why?



Bellx1s ‘the end is nigh’ always brings me back to their Iveagh Gardens gig




Which song makes you happy when you hear it?



Currently Hozier’s ‘Would that I’.




What was the first gig you went to?



Gomez in the Olympia.




What was the first song that you ever performed?



Paranoid android – Radiohead.




What was the first album/single that you bought?



Michael Jackson – Bad.




Is there a song that you always listen to whilst travelling in the car or on the bus/train?



Run the jewels – close your eyes and count to fuck.




Is there a particular song/band/singer that made you want to be a musician?




Johnny Greenwood.








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