Tuesday Tunes – 01-12-2020


Images :

TV PeopleNicholas O’Donnell Photography

Ryan Vail X Ruth McGinley – Wrapped In Plastic Photography

Robbie Stickland –

Quinn – Alice La



01-12-2020 – Tuesday Tunes






Tuesday Tunes – A brand new section on Room Full Of Music – Spotify playlist featuring new music by a mix of independent, up and coming and established artists. Band Facebook pages are linked to the artist name if you want to check out any of the acts!



Dirt Royal – Great Expectations



Paper Tigers – No Ghosts Walk



Ghost Office – At Bombay Beach




Zen Arcade – Don’t Say A Word



Ruth Brosnan – Electric Gold




Hayley Ross – Moving All Around



Robbie Stickland – Suffocated



Sam Wickens – Strange-24



Quinn – Some Days



Ryan Vail X Ruth McGinley – Chrysalism



October Fires – In The Gloom




Omonoko – Weight In Gold




My Octopus Mind – Wandering Eye




Basciville – Cavalry




Come At The King – In My Place




Lorraine Nash – Winter Sun




Sorcha Richardson – The Starlight Lounge




Peco – Wait (Ansonix remix)



Hex Hue X Arvo Party – Anyway




Heroes In Hiding – Sunday Best




Emma Langford – Birdsong




TV People – String




Blueberry Rouge – Mary Jane




Gordon Barry – Old Fashioned Morphine




The Clockworks – Enough Is Never Enough